Louise Stevenson

Louise Stevenson

Louise Stevenson started a career in stand-up comedy in 1999, working alongside Jimmy Carr, Alan Carr, Rich Hall and Steven K Amos, entertaining international audiences with her Glaswegian wit.

An established coach and an active public speaker, Louise founded Brighton Comedy Course in 2011 using techniques from the world of comedy helping others create engaging content and deliver it with confidence and style. Louise knows the power of humour and can help you tap into it to make you and your business memorable.

Louise later founded Speakeasy, a coaching agency with personality, to help people become more confident public speakers. Effective public speakers connect more powerfully with their audience by being themselves and adding their own unique humour. Speakeasy helps clients with TED talks, corporate business pitches, online presenting, team days and networking presentations on a one-to-one or group basis, in person or virtually.



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