The Event

Brighton Summit: Crack on

It’s all too easy to carry on doing things the same way you always have, to hesitate and make excuses for putting things off. It’s harder to drive forward, and, if necessary, make changes, especially in such uncertain times. But success in business often means overcoming your doubts, ignoring the “what ifs” and just cracking on and doing it.

What “it” is depends on you, your business and your aims. It might be radical or it might be subtle. It could mean taking risks; it could equally mean sticking to your principles. It could be about having a vision; it could be about focusing on people. We’ll leave you to fill in the blanks, but we’ll give you the motivation to make it happen.

Whatever your interpretation, the determination to get on and make things happen is what makes a business stand out, survive and thrive.

This year’s Brighton Summit: Crack On, is about taking your business, or work, by the scruff of its neck, deciding what you want and going for it.

Who is Brighton Summit for?

Brighton Summit is for everyone in and around Brighton who wants to evolve and grow their business. Whether you’re a big business CEO, a not-for-profit, an entrepreneur or an employee, Brighton Summit is for you.

What will I get from Brighton Summit?

Fresh perspectives. New approaches and ways of working. Skills and techniques to help your company thrive. The tools, confidence and inspiration to do things differently.

A quality of conversation and a bunch of brilliant, like-minded contacts.

It’s a day for building connections, entertaining new ideas and leaving your comfort zone in the rear window. It’s the most productive and beneficial day out of the office all year.

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Copy by The Sentence Works